About us

Private transfers and water limousine services for people who love to travel

Blitz Exclusive is recognized by the Venetian community and both national and international operators as not only the best private water taxi and limousine service agency in Venice but also as an exclusive travel services provider. Thanks to the well-grounded experience since 1976 and to the on-going growth of the Company, Blitz Exclusive has acquired a pivotal role in the field of ground and water transportation and is able to fulfil at best any request from increasingly demanding clients.

Travelling with Blitz Exclusive means moving from Venice to anywhere you like in complete relaxation at any time of the day. Blitz also means having the chance to experience Venice in an exclusive and elegant way by choosing from our walking tours and itineraries by boat with certified tour leaders and expert tour guides in the language you desire. The tours and catering service can be customised according to any need or request.

To guarantee maximum assistance in each phase of the journey, Blitz Exclusive is not only a Travel Agency, but also operates as a certified airport ground handler by offering top quality airport assistance.
Blitz Exclusive VIP Service has been created to offer complete assistance in any airport procedure on arrival, transit and departure at the intercontinental Marco Polo Airport of Venice.

Our company consists of an organization vertically integrated by private drivers working directly for us. They are locals and multilingual, and therefore can provide invaluable guidance to visiting guests. This allows us to maintain direct control over the level of service we provide, as well as seamless transfers from water to land, which are efficient and smooth-running.